21 Mar 5 marketing videos your company needs right now

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You want your company to stand out. The problem is that every company wants to stand out. Whether you sell investments or SUVs, the challenge is the same. So how do you get your message out, define who you are, and hold your customers’ attention? Marketing videos are uniquely equipped to accomplish all of these goals in a short amount of time.

Why marketing videos are the missing link in your website

A recent survey found that the average American’s attention span when browsing online is just eight seconds. Are you still paying attention? Marketing videos can keep your audience engaged from start to finish. They can also help shorten your sales cycle by delivering better informed and more confident prospects to your point of sale. The data speaks for itself.


Here are the five most common types of marketing videos:

1. Brand video

A brand documentary video is the dramatic entrance you’ve always wanted. Your brand’s story, personality, and philosophy are center stage. Employee and client testimonials add a more personal angle.  A brand video is the best way to cut through any assumptions and misconceptions and tell your own story. A a successful brand brand video includes these three strategies:

  1. Keep it personal. Your brand is your personality and you want to connect with your audience. Be personable and include meaningful stories.
  2. Play to your strengths. Has your company been around 100 years? Or are you shaking up your industry right now? Either way, decide what makes you great and reinforce that message throughout your video.
  3. Be brief. You want to hook your audience in the first 10 seconds, and the whole video should be no more than one to two minutes.

2. How-to video

(Sometimes called an explainer video or walk-through)

Quite simply, how-to videos show you “how-to” use a product or service. You can go with a simple set of instructions, but a video is much more user-friendly.

A good question to ask: is your audience already excited about your product?


How-to videos work best when the audience is curious and ready to learn. If you’re still trying to convince them why they should care, a how-to video may be getting ahead of yourself.

A video can show in seconds what may be challenging to explain in words over many minutes. Focus on what’s essential to understand in order to use your product. How-to videos work best when using the product seems intuitive. Don’t get mired in the details and try to explain all the features. Start simple: state the goal, demonstrate how your product achieves that goal, and show the results.

Using screen capture software and a narration recorded with your iPhone can lead to a marketing video that is less than inspiring; a professional voiceover and a creative composition go a long way.

3. Expert video

With all the information available online, customers wait longer to seek out a salesperson. With an expert video, you can reach these customers and address their questions earlier, all the while differentiating yourself from your competitors.

When customers are still in the research stage, they have large appetites for information and longer attention spans. They want the full picture in order to determine the pros and cons of your product or service. It’s important to get your message and the tone just right because if your expert video starts to feel more like a commercial than a reliable source of information, consumer attention will disappear quickly. An expert video is not promotional but is a way to build customer confidence and demonstrate thought leadership.

4. Promotional video

Promotional videos are a great way to generate additional interest in your company’s important announcements and promote upcoming events, press releases, and product launches. They go far beyond simple facts and figures. With interesting information and good storytelling, they are effective at capturing the curiosity of your audience and adding implicit credibility to your message.

5. Demo video

Once the audience is interested in your company and ready to use your products, it’s time for the demonstration video. This gives you the opportunity to showcase your product and its benefits. You’re the expert. You have the depth of knowledge, but your challenge is explaining the product and its features to an audience that may have no prior knowledge whatsoever. You need them to not only understand what your product is and how it works but also walk away with an appreciation of its value and a confidence in their own ability to use it. Digital marketers, with fresh eyes and ears, will be helpful here by gauging the complexity of your message and steering you in the direction of simplicity. It’s helpful to think of a demo video not as an animated instruction manual or a how-to video, but as a window into the whole experience.


The award-winning creative experts at Modicum can help you create videos that tell your story in the best way possible. As your partner, we flex to your needs and work they way you like to work.



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