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Infographics: three formats for communicating information

30 Jan Infographics: three formats for communicating information

Infographics and data visualization have become so popular in the last year or two; they may be seen on websites and blogs, shared on social networks, used as communication devices for media, business, government, and academia. Why have infographics become the content publisher's tool of choice? Infographics have proven to be effective in helping content publishers reach wide audiences and increase engagement. Publishers who use infographics grow in traffic an average of 12 percent more than those who don’t. And, in one week it was found that there were 87,000 tweets about infographics.

Infographics: Three Formats for Communicating Information

What makes infographics so effective? The information highway is congested, and infographics help content stand out from the deluge of information. They are visually compelling, and more likely to engage the viewer. Plus, viewers have short attention spans, only allowing a website 2-4 seconds before deciding to bounce. The visual quality of infographics is that they are simply eye-catching and draw viewers in. Most importantly, infographics allow you to communicate your content in a way that makes your information easier to understand and remember. Several studies have shown that people retain information presented visually much longer than what they read. For these same reasons, infographics are also an important communication tool for presenters.
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