Rolling out the flagship Google smartphone

Since the first Pixel smartphone launch in 2016, Modicum has been an integral part of the process—partnering hand in hand with the Google team to launch new products and align their portfolio under the Made by Google brand.

Leading a flexible design process

Launching a product that’s entirely new to the world means small details change up to the day of the keynote. We’re experts at making the most of the information we have and designing 3D product renders strategically to allow for changes that come up as we go.

Highlighting the hardware with 3D product renders

Bells and whistles aren’t necessary when introducing Google hardware like Stadia and Google Nest—we let the tech speak for itself with 3D product render reveals, presented front and center on the big screen for maximum definition and clarity.

Google 6
Google 5
Google 4
Google 3
Google 2
Google 1

Bringing user experience to life

Our specialized knowledge of Made by Google hardware and software allows us to bring the user experience of each device to life on screen. We highlight user interface features like Google Home’s voice assistant without being confined to the imagery of the product itself.

Aligning all the moving parts

We function as a hub with frictionless integration across internal teams, production teams, operational personnel, and partner agencies to ensure compelling stories, elegant design, and sophisticated animations come together in the final presentation.

Securing a seamless live event

Onsite at Made by Google events, we collaborate one-on-one with Google and make changes on the fly. We lead streamlined operations behind the scenes so that audio and motion blend seamlessly with the stage, allowing speakers and product demos to shine.

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