Establishing a partnership built on trust

“Modicum listened to our needs and came back to us with a concept that really hit the mark. As an added bonus, the collaborative process during the project could not have been easier.”

Michael Barrs
Associate Director of Marketing | HarperCollins

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Elevating the empathy with illustration

Illustrated characters help build a connection with audiences who want to see themselves in what they watch. Relatability is a key element of “Everybody Lies”, so we recommended and designed custom illustrations to achieve the right balance of specificity and openness.

Backing good content, not overshadowing it

Marketing is about showing a brand in the best light, not dressing it up to make it appear to be something it’s not. Backed by minimalist illustrations and a bold three-color palette, “Everybody Lies” unmatched success in uncovering human truths shines brightest throughout the trailer.

Honing in on the humor with motion design

We used animation to weave “Everybody Lies’” humorous and informal tone throughout the video, a feat that would be difficult to achieve with static images alone. Motion design delivered the message that this book is about storytelling, not just data reporting.

Connecting with readers across categories

The launch was a hit. The trailer made an impact on all different kinds of readers, and “Everybody Lies” topped three different Amazon bestseller lists.

Every brand is searching for a way to be personable and build connections with customers that go beyond the surface level. This is not a challenge to be met with a one-size-fits-all solution—if you need help creating or executing a plan uniquely aligned to your business, we’re here to help!