Working smarter and harder

Modicum jumped in to explore and activate Samsung Ads across video, marketing, sales, events, and social to build brand credibility. We fully integrated into the team’s operational framework to deliver consistently on rapidly expanding creative needs.

Delivering an immersive experience everywhere

From the three-story superscreen at the Samsung 837 exhibition space to your everyday mobile screen, we create immersive brand experiences wherever a person encounters Samsung Ads. With mobile always top of mind, utilizing video and motion effects delivers a sound and succinct message for small screens.

Distilling content into attention-grabbing social

We always work to make good content go further, translating Samsung Ads’ show-stopping event experience into bite-size, scroll-friendly chunks for social media, increasing longevity and reach.

Samsung 5
Samsung 4
Samsung 3
Samsung 2
Samsung 1

Earning more ROI on event engagements

Onsite at annual conferences like CES and Ad Week NY, we engage event-goers with the right message at the right time. Combining OOH/banner advertising, video, and keynotes, we help Samsung Ads earn more onsite meetings with key stakeholders and drive better event outcomes.

Reinforcing the message with sales enablement

We jump-started the Samsung Ads sales team’s approach with leave-behinds and downloadables that combine captivating visuals with attention-getting callouts, allowing them to maximize efficiency and give their messaging more staying power.

Every brand is searching for a way to be personable and build connections with customers that go beyond the surface level. This is not a challenge to be met with a one-size-fits-all solution—if you need help creating or executing a plan uniquely aligned to your business, we’re here to help!