Reaching the destination with DJ Khaled

Modicum activates custom campaigns for Waze’s highest-profile content partnerships, like DJ Khaled’s spot as the voice of Waze Navigation, and partnership campaigns with Stitcher and Apple Music.

Growing partnerships with scalable content kits

To help Waze Carpool reduce traffic congestion with rideshare programs for coworkers and neighborhoods, Modicum produces flexible marketing and promotion kits for cities and companies struggling with traffic and parking challenges.

Delivering the right message and visuals for every partner

Our partnership marketing kits include templates for a wide range of outreach emails, social posts, marketing collateral, digital banners, and print signage, all spanning a wide range of value propositions and use cases.

Empowering traffic news with better broadcast tools

We inspire leading infrastructure reporters around the world to embrace Waze for Cities data sharing capabilities and real-time traffic visualization tools. Our promotional activations and videos showcase easy-to-use features that elevate modern broadcast standards and deliver a significantly better viewer experience.

Every brand is searching for a way to be personable and build connections with customers that go beyond the surface level. This is not a challenge to be met with a one-size-fits-all solution—if you need help creating or executing a plan uniquely aligned to your business, we’re here to help!